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Working together to achieve clarity and consistency in standards and regulations in the wood preservation industry.

About EWPM

EWPM was formed in 1977 to create a focus for European wood preservative manufacturers to respond to developments in the standardisation and regulation of their products. It is governed by its Statutes most recently amended in 2019. 

The aim of the EWPM is to promote, with integrity, the correct use of wood preservatives including production, transportation, utilization and disposal, by all means including but not limited to:

  • taking any appropriate measures which are legal and are the decision of the voting members

  • acting on behalf of members, to promote an agreed position in all technical, scientific, regulatory, health, safety and environmental protection domains which interest the industry, directly or indirectly, with particular regard to Europe.

EWPM engages directly with government agencies and departments, non-governmental bodies, other trade and industry bodies and consultants to advise on and help draft European legislation and guidance and industry best practice guides relevant to the wood preservation industry. 

EWPM is an ECHA Accredited Stakeholder Organisation and an Observer Member of CEN/TC38, TC112, TC124, TC175 and TC 351. EWPM works closely with the European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI).